Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lace Knitting

Ok, I’ll admit it. A new obsession is the last thing I need but that’s just what I seem to have acquired. I’ve had a mild interest for a while and you must admit that a lace knit shawl is a thing of beauty but I just kept telling myself “You don’t wear shawls” and I managed to keep the interest at bay. At the same time, I was getting emails about online courses at a place called Craftsy. When I visited the site, I must say, it looked a little too “cute” for my taste as condescending as that may sound. Then I got an email about a lace knitting class and decided to check it out again and for $30 decided to enroll. Cute or not, the class was excellent. The video platform is extremely well done, the instructor is available for questions, pictures can be posted and once you register the class doesn’t end - you have permanent access to the lessons. That’s the end of the of the commercial but take a look at what I made.


The course had two projects. The first, called Skywalker by instructor Laura Nelkin, is a small shawl designed to give progressively more difficult chart reading experience as you proceed. Though probably not my favorite in terms of pattern, I did get very comfortable with chart reading and stitch manipulation.



The second project, called Clarus, I really like. The pattern was presented in two sizes and I did the large one. This pattern was a bit more challenging but I love it. Laura recommended using fingering weight yarn to get accustomed to the process but I’ve now purchased some lace weight with the intent to make Clarus again.


When the course was completed, the search was on. I discovered free lace patterns are everywhere and I’m not averse to buying a pattern if I really love it. So now I’ve also knitted a lace scarf (given as a gift before I thought to take a photo) and another shawl waiting to be blocked. My "to do" list is getting longer and longer. I guess I’ll be wearing shawls after all.

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labfish said...

Charts can be challenging but fun! I haven't tried knit or lace charts yet but love crochet. It's easier than following written directions.

I may have to try lace for a summertime project.