Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy New Year (a little late)

Well, I’m back and usually about now I’m publishing my goals for the year. So far I haven’t had much luck accomplishing my annual goals and I think doing it again this year would just be setting myself up for failure. So I think this year I’ll leave it at one . My goal this year is to keep this blog going.

Every year I do get a couple of goals completed, however, and the last few months I've been on this knitting binge. In 2011 I set out to learn the magic loop method for knitting socks and finally managed to knit my first pair of socks.

I knit these fabulous socks so I finally have something to wear with my Birkenstocks when the weather turns cool. I bought this yarn early in the year and when I finally got around to knitting the socks, I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough so I decided to use a contrasting color for toes and heels to stretch it a bit.

As it happens, I would have had enough but the socks wouldn’t have been nearly as cool without their orange heels and toes. I see myself knitting eye catching heels and toes from now into the foreseeable future. My second pair are underway.

I’ll be staying in touch this year. That goal I’m determined to accomplish.  So, see you in a couple of weeks.END OF POST     

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