Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Dream Studio

This is a follow-up on my previous post showing my current studio space. Eventually, I'll be moving to Virginia, though things seem to keep delaying that move. Anyway, though the house is large, there is no single room to accomodate my many addictions. Because I have 6 acres available, I've decided to build a free-standing dream studio and set out to develop a floor plan to determine how much space I'd need.

This is my first plan - a single large room with a bathroom. The floorplan is set up with functional areas for each craft. Click on the plan to see it larger. I measured everything and added a wet area for dyeing which I currently don't have.

I was very happy with the work I'd done on this plan until I saw some buildings made by a company called Garden Sheds in my Fine Gardening magazine. This is a picture of one of their models. They are beautiful and they are built and shipped to the site ready to occupied. Because they are pre-built, the size limitation is 13' x 30' - not nearly large enough for all my stuff. So I thought maybe I could buy two and combine them the space I'd need. So here is the second iteration of the dream studio. Click to enlarge.

I decided to place the two buildings at right angles to each other with a connection built that will house the bathroom. The open rafters will make the building seem spacious and I love the look.

Ultimately the deciding factor will be the cost, as with most things in life. I was leaning toward plan 2 until I took another look at plan 1 before posting. Now I'm not so sure. Which do you like best?

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Susan B. said...

Hey Phyllis,

I like plan 2 because of the airiness but it maybe hard to heat. It also looks very flexible. Neither will be a mistake. What a great thing to be able to bring to plan such a great space! Members of the fiber guilds have some nice studios, maybe you should go on a tour.

Susan B.