Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm working on my workshop piece a couple of hours a day and I'm really starting to like it. I'm determined not to add this to the UFO list and so I'm working steadily and will try to do so until it is finished. The bottom sections are sewn together but the top sections are just pinned to the design wall and so do not line up perfectly. There are definitely some things I would have done differently but only one I feel strongly about - strong enough to take apart seams to change it.

I don't like the perfectly flat bottom on the sack in the top row to the far right. I find it very distracting. I think I will angle the bottom as indicated by the green dotted line in the picture. There are a couple of other places where I feel the color line should be continuous across the piece. Ruth gave the alternative of appliqueing pieces over the one you want to change and there is at least one place where I think I will do that.

The other area of concern is that big blank space in the background. I'm trying to decide if and how to piece it. So far, I'm avoiding it since I haven't come up with any brilliant ideas.

I'll eventually have to deal with the section in the upper right of the design which is the spice vendor. The bags are one thing - a person is something all together different. But I forge ahead bravely - anxious to see how this will all come out in the end.

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