Friday, September 26, 2008

The Work Continues

I'm still working away and progress is being made. The top half is still just pinned to the wall and I still have adjustments to make (like the flat bottom of the bag to the right) but I think it's looking good. I've reached the real test - the spice vendor - and the search is on for the right skin fabric. I need something that distinguishes him from the dark background but leaves him in shadow.

I'm really loving this and my mind is already designing the next piece in the China series and multiple subsequent projects. I haven't been this inspired for quite some time. END OF POST

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis,

This is Pam from the 2008 McDowell class. I checked in to see how the spice quilt is coming along. Looking good!

I finished Glaucidium palmatum - the blue flowers - and a purple clematis.

I'll email the link to my site.

Glad to see you're enjoying retirement