Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Has It Been That Long . . .

. . . since I last posted? Time to come back and talk about my projects in progress. Thought I'd start out by refreshing the appearance of the blog. How's the new look?

I visited the blog of someone on my Yahoo list and she had the tarot card posted so I took the test and you can see the result in the sidebar. I think it sounds like me - Empress? I think I'm going to have to upgrade my surroundings :-)

Well, even though I haven't posted, I have been doing some things. My online group has been feeding its postcard addiction and we traded cards for Black Music Month in June. I've also been spinning yarn for a sweater and I'm currently taking an online doll class.

A while ago I found this wonderful site with free knitting patterns and I fell in love with this sweater. So, I decided to spin some of my stockpile of roving and fleece for it. The yarn I came up with is a heathery, taupe Blue-faced Leicester plyed with white Shetland and 2-ply BFL for the edging. I am happy with the yarn.

Now I'm beginning to have second thoughts. I'm carding some recently washed llama and I began to think I might like to knit it from the gray llama and white merino - decisions, decisions.
Black Music Month Postcard
After our card exchange in February, we've just completed another in June. In 2002, President Bush proclaimed the month of June Black Music Month. Below is an excerpt from the 2008 Presidential Proclamation.

Throughout the course of American history, black musicians have used their great talents to share the richness of the African-American experience and to develop a uniquely American style of music enjoyed throughout the world. This month, we honor the pioneers of African-American music and today's contemporary artists who have enriched the lives of people everywhere.

My choice for this year's card was Otis Redding. The impact of his music is such that most people don't realize that he only recorded for 4 years and that one of his biggest hits, "Dock of the Bay", was released a year after his death.

Well, the postcard challenges never end. I'm currently finishing up a card with a Blacks in the military theme for Veteran's Day. It's a little late but I should have it finished next week.

Doll-making class online - a new challenge for me

One of the people on my quilt list is a doll maker and she mentioned a class that was being offered online. When I saw the doll, I had to take the class. Although she's a little glitzy for me, I could visualize an earthier version - with a touch of glitz. So, I immediately signed up and I'm now in the process of putting her together. More to come when she's finished.    


Bonafyde said...

What an amazing doll! I'd love to know the link for this online class if you don't mind sharing... ;) As you posted this awhile ago I'm wondering how did yours turn out? Did you enjoy the class, etc...

Phyllis said...

I'd be happy to share but I'm packing for a move and the doll and all instructions have been packed and I don't remember the site. If you can give about a month or so, I'll post a picture and the url. The class was very well done and I would take another class there.