Monday, June 01, 2009

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I haven't posted anything for quite a while. I haven't had time to do anything fun since I've been too busy trying to make my NJ house look like nobody lives here for real estate showings. I guess I didn't have a true understanding of how hard that would be - since someone does live here. So when I do get it to look unoccupied, I'm closing the door on it, going to Virginia, and leaving it to the house-hungry buyers.

I didn't want you think I was abandoning the blog, however, so I thought I'd post a non-art related entry just to keep in touch. Last week I took a break and we went to visit the Presby Iris Garden. The weather wasn't perfect but not bad enough to ruin the day and the irises were amazing.

Irises have always been high on my favorites list and this trip helped me visualize a swath of irises across the lawn in Virginia. Click on any of the photos for a better view.

Then there is the main reason this house thing is taking me so long. I've always been a fairly voracious reader and lately I've been downright addicted. The reason for this?? My new Amazon Kindle. When the first one was released I turned up my nose and told myself that I needed paper in my hands. So I went to the library and bought books and added to my huge book collection. Packing up things in the house opened my eyes. I ended up donating boxes and boxes to the Salvation Army when I bit the bullet and talked myself out of keeping books I had read multiple times or books I was never going to read again. So I started to rethink my need for paper and then the Kindle 2 was released. God, I love this Kindle. I won't bore you with all the things I like about it. My best friend is calling me a "book traitor" but, suffice it to say, it has turned a voracious reader into an insatiable reader - at least until the novelty wears off. END OF POST

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Beth Brandkamp said...

Beautiful pictures of the iris! Going permanently to Va it sounds like! NC is looking better all the time for me!