Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Block Swap In Which I Am Not Participating

OK, OK, I AM participating in a block swap. A few years ago I vowed never to do one again. The postcards were time consuming enough and then I have to figure out how to use them in a project that doesn't involve lining them up with sashing. However, my online group decided to do an appliqued fabric interpretation of the Obama logo and, since I could see using them in my Obama quilt project (see my 2009 goals), I signed up. I was also interested in the fact that the swap involved two interpretations of the logo.

Group one is doing a fairly conventional interpretation using blue and red batik fabrics on a cream tone-on-tone background.

This one is respectful of the original but the only creative option is your choice of batik fabric (and, of course, the neutral background).

The second group, however, is the one I'm anxious to see ....... the logo done in African fabrics without regard to colors.

As you can see, my block pays homage to my love of earth tones. But I'm anticipating a riot of colors from the other members of my group. I already have an idea of how to use them in my project. I'm not guaranteeing there'll be no sashing, but hopefully it will include something else. After this, I'm back on the wagon - NO MORE BLOCK SWAPS.