Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Spice Quilt on Hold

I've put the workshop project on hold and I'm spinning away to complete yarn for a sweater. I have a stash of llama that I bought on Ebay and I've been washing and carding it. It's really beautifully soft and very easy to spin.

In a little more than a week we leave for a vacation in Japan. I figure with all that travel time I could practically finish an entire sweater. So I've decided to take supplies to work on this sweater that I've been drooling over for ages.

I've decided to knit it with the llama and and some merino I got from Coppermoose and I am furiously spinning to complete the yarn to take with me. The body of the sweater is knit with one strand of each yarn. I need to finish the yarn, set the spin, and figure out the gauge so I'll know what needles to take.

I'm waiting for the fabric I ordered for the spice vendor to arrive. So, until it arrives I'll just keep spinning.


Kyra said...

Enjoying your blog! Were you able to finish the Obama quilt?

Phyllis said...

I've moved to the house in VA and, with packing and moving and unpacking, I didn't do well with my 2009 goals. I'm ready now to get back into creating and blogging and the Obama quilt is high on my list.