Thursday, August 23, 2007

Divine Quilt Inspiration

I'm always looking for inspiration for new quilts. I started by interpreting traditional quilts with non-traditional fabrics. As I've moved on to art quilts, I've been inspired by other artists and by nature.

A while ago I discovered fractal art and began creating flame fractals using software called Apophysis which created the image you see here.

I love the ethereal transparent look of flame fractals and began thinking about how to reproduce that feeling in fabric. I've actually got some pretty good ideas of how to do that.

As great as the images are (this one looks like pearls, doesn't it?) they are something of an exercise in serendpity - you get these lucky images. Then I discovered that my favorite fractal artist, Janet Parke, uses software called Ultrafractal. After downloading it, I discovered that it's not exactly intuitive.

So, I've just finished a course at the Visual Arts Academy (online), taught by none other than Janet Parke, covering the use of UF. The course was challenging but the image possibilities are fabulous - even for a beginner like me. The challenge with these will be to simplify the images for fabric - enough to make them do-able but maintaining their essence. I also just love them as images and may have find find something else to use them for other than quilt inspiration.

I already have images I'd like to interpret in fabric. Can't you see the one above?! However, as with many of my ideas, they'll have to wait til 2008. This is the year of the UFO!!.

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Nancy said...

Brilliant. I'm already looking forward to what you'll have for sale in the future :) I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog.